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This homework idea is something that I picked up from the Teacher’s Toolkit (@teacherstoolkit) and have adapted to work with my year 7 students and also links into a post I was on another blog I follow: Headteacherguru  (http://headguruteacher.com/2012/09/02/homework-matters-great-teachers-set-great-homework/) which talks about the purpose of homework and ways to make it more creative. This also gets the students practising higher order thinking skills such as synthesis.


The Homework takeaway menu is a task where you tell the students the objectives of a    task but it is up to them to choose the outcome from either a list of options (good idea for the first time trying the activity) or from their own imaginations.  I did this with

my Year 7 PSHCEE group who had been looking at Healthy Eating over the past few weeks. I gave them the outline – which you can find attached (Promoting Healthy Eating Task Sheet) which told them that they had to come up with a way to promote healthy eating to Secondary aged students but they could choose any appropriate format that they wanted. I gave them a few ideas on the board, for example poster, booklet, leaflet, video etc. to get them thinking but it was up to them to choose for themselves.

As I only see this class once a week and set homework once a fortnight I gave the students 3 weeks to work on the project. Today


was hand in day and rather then me collecting them all in each of the students presented their work to the class where it was peer assessed using the 2 stars and a wish format.

For a first time trying the activity it worked quite well, we had quite a few posters, a couple of leaflets and a rather fantastic video from one student. We didn’t manage to get through all of the presentations in one lesson but I am looking forward to seeing the rest next week.


AfL: Active Involvement, Differentiation (through outcome), Positive Influence.

SEAL: Motivation.

ECM: Enjoying and Achieving, Making a positive contribution.

PLTS: Creative Thinkers, Self Managers, Independent Enquirers.

2 thoughts on “Homework – Takeaway Menu

  1. I tried this activity with my Year 12 students on Friday and it worked so well. Unlike my year 7 class I used the activity during the lesson. This allowed me to then have 1-2-1 feedback sessions with the students as they worked.
    The idea this time was for the students to work in groups to create a revision activity for Sociological Research Methods, however they were not allowed to do a bog standard quiz!! It had to be creative!
    It worked really well and at the end of the session they peer assessed each others work to decide which activity was the most educational as well as the most creative.

    I really like this sort of activity and hopefully with more opportunities the students will become more and more creative.

  2. I have now adapted this again to use with my Year 7 History students. They are being given a booklet of 15 differentiated activities which the choose 8 to complete over the course of the current unit (Medieval Life).
    The fact that they can choose which activities they want to do gives them ownership of their work as well as differentiating by outcome. To stop the lazy ones from just doing the bare minimum I have set a minimum requirement of how many from each level they have to complete.

    A copy of the booklet is available on the Box drive or on TES resources.

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