Student Led SRE – an update

*UPDATE* – 03/03/2014

I have taught the first lessons, actually taught is probably the wrong word more facilitated the first lessons of this program and it has gone quite well. The students have responded positively and most have engaged with the more discussion based lessons. There are still a few who are reticent to speak up so I have started to think of ways to encourage them and build their confidence. One of the ways that I am trying is to relocate the class to a place we have in school called the “Snug”. The “Snug” is the TV room in the sixth form boarding house, so rather then sitting at classroom desks and facing the whiteboard they are sat facing each other on comfortable sofas and chairs. I am hoping that this environment might make it less of a “Lesson” almost and more of a discussion and sharing of ideas. The first lesson I am trying this with is the one where we are looking at the age of consent and the right time to have sex for the first time. As I don’t need the whiteboard  for this lesson and the students had ask that this be a discussion based lesson on their schemes of work, it seemed the ideal opportunity to try it out.

Also I have decided that in order to truly assess the impact of this idea to allow students to create their own scheme of work in SRE I need a control group who do not have that opportunity. So I have taken two groups of similar ability, one will set their own scheme of work and the other will just follow the one I set. I will then use AfL style techniques throughout the unit to assess how the students feel about the lessons, do they find them interesting? Are they happy with the activities that they are doing? What would they change about the scheme of work? This will then help me to analyse the results to see the impact of designing their own learning has on students……..tbc

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