The Hectic Teachers Ideas Bank is a resource that provides ways for teachers to introduce independent and active learning into lessons and tutorials over a period of time, so that the students get used to these sorts of activities gradually and develop the skills in a drip feed manner. So when the big observation or the dreaded Ofsted inspection comes around you are not worried about doing something a bit out of the ordinary because your students have the skills and and experience to be able to cope with it.

The other purpose of this blog is to provide inspiration when lesson planning, there maybe some new ideas or even reminders of activities you haven’t used in a while.  I honestly believe that if I am bored writing or teaching a lesson then the students are going to be even more bored then I am and that is when I am going to have to deal with all the low level disruption that makes me want to reach for the bottle of wine at the end of the day. My students often tell me that their favourite activities are ones where they have to find things out for themselves and have the freedom to do things their own way.experience to be able to cope with it.

So this blog is going to create a collection of activities I have come across through my career teaching in various subjects and secondary schools, talking to other teachers and insets I have been to and subjected to. It is a bank of ideas and activities that can be adapted to fit your teaching style and class, because only we know what will and will not work with the classes that we teach, which strategies could work and which we have no hope of getting the class to do.

All the activities are tried and tested in my own lessons and I will give an honest and truthful review of how it went – which I can guarantee will not always be successful.

Feel free to use any of the activities I post in your own teaching, and leave any feedback on how you find them, adaptation you make or ideas of your own.

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