Helpful hints and ideas for making life easier

Picture3You don’t need me to tell you that the life of a teacher is a busy one. With all of the demands on your time and attention it is extremely easy to overwhelmed by it all and end up in a great big heap wondering where all the time when and why you don’t seem to actually have time to do the one thing you are employed to do: Teach!

We have all been to and been subjected to those workshops and insets which tell you that if you utilise all of the strategies that they are peddling that your life in the classroom will suddenly become so much easier, the students will always behave and you will stay on top of all the demands that are asked of you. Well in the real world we know that that is a load of rubbish and no matter what you do there are going to be those days where you just wish you had stayed under the duvet and not let the world in.  However there are ways of making life a little bit easier for you and keeping those “Wish I hadn’t gotten up this morning” days from happening too often.

As a teacher of currently 5 different subjects from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5, and teaching in nearly 20 different classrooms, I have tried to come up with or utilise ways that will just make life a little simpler for myself so that I don’t end up running around the school site like a headless chicken carrying a pile of books and resources. Of course this still happens occasionally.

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